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Talking in a therapeutic space can be one of the most healing experiences in life. When you talk in therapy about events, your emotions or your feeling, it is possible to cultivate a different attitude and narrative. This can help you overcome your difficulties and lead you to a better life. Since it is not possible to have a better past, it is only possible to work in the present to achieve a better future. In therapy we will focus in the here and now, while we explore your family history and your universe of relationships in order to achieve positive change and promote wellbeing.

Therapy sessions can be for individuals, couples, or families.



Anchored in ancient traditions, and with strong science-based support, meditation is a practice that brings clarity to the present moment. Meditation develops your attention fully and expands your awareness, which translate into greater self-knowledge, emotional regulation, and better interpersonal relationships. The training in mindfulness meditation is a progressive process where psychology and spirituality intersects leading to a transcendental experience. 

Sessions can be for individuals, couples, family, or work-related groups.


Like a bridge to the deeper levels of the mind, breathwork is an emotionally liberating, healing, and cleansing technique. By creating a non-ordinary state of consciousness, breathwork can lead you to an expanded and clear comprehension of the Self. This powerful physical, mental, and spiritual experience is done laying down over a yoga mat, breathing actively to the rhythm of music. Recent research supports its therapeutical efficacy, and its benefit for treating depression, anxiety, trauma, emotional wellbeing, and to lead human being into a mystical experience.

Sessions can be for individual and couples. It is also possible to do group breathing.

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